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What Is Bbariafinder?
Bbariafinder is a Brahmanbaria Zela Related Website.
Brahmanbaria Zela related Any kind of information is provided by bbariafinder. Information is power. People of Brahmanbaria can find out necessary information on Our blog site.

To make a Digital Brahmanbaria we are working Since 25 June in 2018.There are 9 Upazilas, 100 Unions,5 Pourashovas & 1031 villages information in this website. Bbariafinder is also working some basic categories Like Education, Health, Communication, Lifestyle, Local News, Entertainment, Tradition, Corporation & Religion related information.

In Education category People Can find School, Collage, madrasa & Coaching Centre related information. In Health category people can find Hospital, Diagnostic centre, pharmacy, champers & medicine related information. In Communication category people can bus & train schedule private car & ambulance number ect.In Local news category people can find Brahmanbaria including any Local news. In Lifestyle category people can find whose needed to lead life like this life tips, Super shop & bazars information etc.

Bbariafinder is always trying to provide real & pure information.Before uploading information we verify and follow the national & International copyright rules. We always try to keep fare using rules and regulation.

About CEO of Bbariafinder
Bbariafinder is a zela related website. It is also a local search engine website.It is hosted on 25 jun in 2018. It is created by Alam kibria pasha.He is a founder of the bbariafinder. On the Other hand he is also Programmer & web Designer.

Alam Kibria Pasha (AKP)

Alam Kibria pasha

Alam Kibria Pasha was born in 29 September 1994.His birth Place is Gazirkandi. It stand Brahambaria Zela Nabinagar Upazila Krishnanagar Union Gazirkandi Village.Fathers Name is Hiron Mulla and Mother Name is Khadiza Begum. He is the 6th children of his parent. He passed SSC & HSC in Birgaon School and College.Now he is running his study In Brahmanbaria National University on Philosophy Department. He is also Chairman & Director Korean Culture Aid Brahmanbaria branch. He is the most popular Korean language Teacher In Brahmanbaria zela.About more than 100 students Learn korean language from him and 25 students participated & passed EPS exam.Already his 10 students are living korea.He want to make a Digital Brahmanbaria.That’s why He has been working for Brahmanbaria Zela related website Bbariafinder Since 2018.